Eli Burford

Young Christian fella from Adelaide. Love designing (the web) and helping people. These are my ramblings, findings, pictures, etc.

It seems to me like the bottle neck for blood donations in SA is the facilities: I have given at least half a dozen times in the past year or two and have always found it difficult getting an appointment (within a period of a couple of months). I get calls from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service suggesting there is an urgent need for donations, so I go to arrange a time and date within an (un)reasonable period: little luck, always fully-booked. So it seems to me like there is demand (obviously), there is supply, but there isn’t enough in way of facilities to facilitate that supply. Making an appointment straight after a donation seems to be the best way to go but I don’t tend to work like that - I tend to wait for a call and then consult my calendar within a space of a few months (so since I’m not working in the most efficient way I probably shouldn’t be complaining!)

My two cents (may well not be worth much).